AHEC Comics Health Information Literacy Project

Students work together to create comic books

About the Project

The South Carolina AHEC partnered with the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) and three Lowcountry high schools for a health information literacy project. Students were charged with researching public health themes and creating educational comic books geared toward middle school students. In the process, the high school students learned about helpful resources from the NLM; gained valuable communication, research and creative skills; increased their knowledge about health careers; and improved their health literacy.

How It Works

Teams of students create comic books and related learning tools about topics concerning real-life threats to their health and the health of their family and community. As they create the products, they learn about how to FIND, UNDERSTAND, EVALUATE, COMMUNICATE and USE information to make informed decisions. Students also gain valuable skills including teamwork, written and verbal communication, and critical thinking.

The finished products are targeted toward students in middle school who will be able to use the books and web sites as a fun way to read about and explore public health issues, informational resources and associated healthcare careers. Auxiliary learning tools will be available for classroom teachers to supplement each topic.

Characters Vanessa and Brian star as main characters in the AHEC Comics series

AHEC Comics First Edition Premiere Video 2016

AHEC Comics First Edition Premiere 2016 from South Carolina AHEC on Vimeo.

Looking for last year's video? You can find it here.


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