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Rosemary Ros PhD

Dr. Ros is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor in the Division of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics at MUSC. She completed her doctoral training at Florida International University and relocated to MUSC for internship and post-doctoral fellowship. Broadly, Dr. Ros' research interests  involve taking a transdiagnostic approach to parenting interventions for young children with co-morbid presentations. Her work focuses on examining how interventions, traditionally used for children with disruptive behavior disorders, may also improve outcomes for young children with autism. Dr. Ros' secondary research interest involves the examination of comorbidity and heterogeneity in clinical presentation within and across disorders. She is particularly focused on the association between symptomatology and impairments in self-regulation and social-emotional functioning. Lastly, she is interested in better understanding the role of environmental factors, such as parenting and barriers to treatment, that serve to both foster and attenuate outcomes for young children and families.