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Dr. Mark Bowden
Mark Bowden, PhD, PT has been a PT for over 25 years and has worked as a clinical practitioner, therapy manager, research physical therapist, and researcher. He received his BS in Psychology in 1991 and his MS, PT in 1995, both from Duke University and his PhD in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Florida in May 2009. Dr. Bowden’s doctoral work concentrated on movement dysfunction after neurologic injury, specifically measurement of activity specific recovery of walking. Presently, he serves as an Associate Professor and Director of the Division of Physical Therapy in the College of Health Professions at the Medical University of South Carolina and as a Research Health Scientist at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center in Charleston, SC.  Dr. Bowden’s research focuses on recovery of walking after stroke and emphasizes biomechanical mechanisms of movement impairment as well as neurophysiological assessment and treatment. In addition, he is currently focusing on translating contemporary best evidence into clinical practice, both through research and clinical partnerships.