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Victoria J Ladd MSN, RN

Victoria Ladd is the State School Nurse Consultant for South Carolina, a position which is shared by two state agencies, the SC Dept. of Health and Environmental Control and the SC Dept. of Education to address the professional development and support of school nursing and other school health initiatives. Vicky is an RN with an MSN in nursing administration from St. Joseph’s College of Maine, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Boston College. She is the Data Coordinator for the SC Association of School Nurses (SCASN). Vicky is also the Vice President of the National Association of State School Nurse Consultants (NASSNC), a role which she has found to be valuable to share experiences, policy and knowledge at the national level for the betterment of our children. She is also a certified ACEs trainer, and a member of many South Carolina coalitions and taskforces focused on improving the health of school aged children. School nursing was the job Vicky thought she would do for a few years as a working mom, and it became a life’s passion after meeting so many invested, caring nurses who work so hard to improve the health of children.