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Andrew Goodwin MD, MSCR

Dr. Goodwin is a physician scientist with an interest in sepsis and ARDS biology and outcomes.  His research training has included basic science investigation an a Masters of Science in Clinical Research.  His research has focused on understanding both the biology of sepsis and ARDS as well as the processes required to optimally care for them.  In this pursuit, has utilized a multi-disciplinary approach including translational investigation, health services quantitative research and clinical trials. His specific foci of interest include:

The role of micro RNA in sepsis-related endothelial dysfunction

The development of endothelial dysfunction and its resultant vascular permeability is a critical hallmark of the transition from uncomplicated sepsis to septic shock with multi-organ failure.  However, the mechanisms which govern endothelial homeostasis are incompletely understood.  As part of a multi-disciplinary collaboration, we have identified that human endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) mitigate vascular leak, organ failure, and mortality when injected intravenously into septic mice.  Simultaneously, 
EPCs alter the circulating miRNA profile through release of miRNA-containing exosomes which can be taken up by recipient endothelium.  Our current work is focused on: 1) exploring the mechanistic role of endothelial-relevant miRNA in sepsis-induced vascular leak; 2) characterizing the expression patterns of endothelial-relevant miRNA in human sepsis; and 3) exploring the therapeutic potential of miRNA in septic shock.