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Bridget Peters DO, PhD

Dr. Bridget Peters is a native of Charleston, SC. Dr. Peters graduated from Spelman College in 2011. Upon graduation, she completed her Masters in Kinesiology at Auburn University. Under the tutelage of Dr. John Quindry, Dr. Peters became an integral part of the Kinesiology Lab. Upon graduation with her Masters in 2012, Dr. Peters made the decision to further pursue her studies of Kinesiology and started her PhD program, again under the tutelage of Dr. Quindry in the Cardioprotection Laboratory.  She completed her doctoral work in May 2015; successfully defending her dissertation entitled “Experimental woodsmoke exposure during exercise and an evaluation of blood oxidative stress.”

At the completion of her PhD program, Dr. Peters decided that her desire to educate individuals and impact their overall lives would be best conferred in a clinical setting. She continued her academic endeavors at Edward via College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she graduated in May 2019. In addition, to her auspicious educational background, Dr. Peters continues to serve her community at large through service and leadership. She was recently sworn in as the 2020-2022, Resident Trustee for the South Carolina Osteopathic Medical Society. Additionally, finding time to be a mentor to current students at Spelman College who are pursuing careers in the health profession.


She is currently a third year Family Medicine Resident in Sumter, SC and continues to strive to make the improvement of public health for the under-served a life-long commitment.