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Henry Lewis MHA, NRP, CEM

Henry Lewis began his career with the Fairfield County volunteer fire service in 1999. Lewis transitioned into EMS in 2000 after completing EMT class where he then gained his paramedic. Since that time, he has worked with large and small 911 EMS providers, hospitals based and private EMS systems. Henry also served as the State EMS Coordinator for SCDHEC Division of EMS.

Henry completed his bachelors in Emergency Management and Masters of Healthcare Administration with honors through Columbia College. He has maintained his paramedic and is also a certified fire fighter and emergency manager.

As a previous president of the South Carolina EMS Association (SCEMSA), Henry was selected to become the first executive director if the SCEMSA in 2021 where he still serves. Representing South Carolina, he is active in numerous state and national EMS working groups and committees and serves as the chair of the National Association of EMTs Membership Committee.