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Our Health Professions Student (HPS) Program collaborates with health professions programs in our state to provide community-based education for undergraduate and graduate students. This community-based education is designed to expose students to the realities of clinical practice in rural and underserved areas, and to introduce them to communities as a focus for health improvements.
Placement Programs
3rd Year Medical Students:
Family Medicine Rural Clerkship
4th Year Medical Students:
Elective Rotation Descriptions
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Our programs for students in undergraduate institutions across the state provide curricular guidance and skills development to enhance the participant's ability to compete academically and to create strong applications for health careers training programs.
Summer Residential Experience
Bench to Bedside Activities Summer Careers Academy
Public Health Online: Guide to Public Health Careers
Our Health Careers Programs (HCP) for high school students strive to increase the number of students entering the health professions in South Carolina. Emphasis is placed on underrepresented minority and disadvantaged students in order to address disparities in the health professions workforce. The HCP is designed to develop academically proficient and self-confident future health care professionals.
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Program Office Address: 19 Hagood Avenue, MSC 814, MUSC, Charleston, SC 29425-8140; Phone (843) 792-4431; Fax (843) 792-4430