Frequently Asked Questions
Why am I being asked to review, complete or update my profile? We are required to report data on our program utilization by our various funders and credit providers (Health Resources and Services Administration [HRSA], private grant funders, and others). It is essential to our program evaluation that your data is up-to-date.

If you are being prompted to submit additional user information or review and update your profile information, it may be because:

  • You are creating a new user account/profile.
  • You have chosen to update your profile.
  • You were registered for a program by someone else and need to review/complete your profile information.
  • A program in your cart may require additional user data beyond what we currently have on file for you.
  • We remind users annually to review and update their user information.

Why do you collect information about my age, race, etc.? South Carolina AHEC receives federal grant funds from the Health Resources and Services Administration that support our educational programs. As a function of this grant, the federal government requires us to report demographic information about our audiences in order to make sure that federal dollars are being spent appropriately and that we are not discriminating against any particular group. This data also helps us understand how our programming is helping with overall workforce issues. Data is reported in the aggregate and does not identify individual names.

What if I can't remember my password? Use the Password Assistance page. You will be prompted to provide the primary email address associated with your profile and guided through the process of resetting your password. (Note: If you are logged in, the assistance link will instead take you to the Change Password page.)

What is your privacy policy? You can review our privacy policy on the South Carolina AHEC Notice of Privacy Practices page.

What are your Cancellation, Refund, and Substitution Policies? If you are unable to attend a program, please cancel 48 hours before your program through the online SCHOOLS registration system to receive a full refund. Refunds will also be given for all programs cancelled by South Carolina AHEC. Substitutions are permitted with notification (contact the SCHOOLS Coordinator at

Webinar FAQs
How are your webinars hosted? South Carolina AHEC uses the Cisco WebEx® platform to host webinars.

What software and/or hardware do I need to connect to webinars?  • You can check minimum system requirements at:
 • You will need a phone or microphone/speakers on your computer in order to listen to the meeting audio  • You will need a web cam to connect your video to the webinar

How can I be sure that I am able to connect to the webinar? You can join a test meeting at:

How do I join the webinar from my computer? The webinar access information was sent in your SC AHEC registration confirmation email.

How do I join the webinar from my mobile device? The webinar access information was sent in your SC AHEC registration confirmation email. You can find more information on the Cisco WebEx website about joining meetings from other devices.

Who do I contact if I have trouble connecting to the webinar? Contact Cisco WebEx support at 1-877-509-3239

Who do I contact if I have questions about the program, continuing education credit, etc.? Contact to reach the SC AHEC coordinator responsible for your webinar.