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Help & FAQ

Please use the help topics and frequently asked questions below to help navigate our site. Can't find what you're looking for or still need assistance? Contact us and we're happy to help.


Users need to create an account in order to register for programs and courses. To create an account, click or tap the user icon in the top right and select "Create Account". Select the profile type that applies to you and complete the required profile information:

  • Continuing Professional Development Participant: Professionals seeking continuing education and/or seeking credit for completion of continuing education activities.
  • Health Profession Student: Students enrolled in health professions education programs.
  • High School Student: Students enrolled in grades 9-12 or equivalent.
  • College Student: Students enrolled in higher education (2/4 year college and university) programs.
  • Community Member/Other: Participants interested in participating in our programs but not seeking credit of any type.
  • Resident/Fellow (MD/DO, DMD, PharmD): Participants who are residents/fellows in a graduate medical education program.

We hope to support you throughout your longterm educational needs. As you progress through various stages of your education, training and profession, you are able to update the information in your profile to reflect those changes.

To update your profile, click or tap on the user icon at the top right of that page to log in. Then click or tap the user icon again and select "My Profile".

If you need to update information in your current profile (for example: change of address, change of employer), select your profile from the "Active Profile" section and make the necessary update.

If you need to change your profile type, select the correct new profile type from the list and complete the required information.

You can update or change your profile at any time by following the steps above. Some types of credit require us to collect specific information from participants in order to issue that credit. If more information is needed, you will be prompted to complete that information during the registration and checkout process.

Visit the Password Assistance page to reset your password.

View our program listings to select a program/course to attend. Programs and courses are sorted by audience type: high school and college students, health professions students, continuing professional development participants, and South Carolina AHEC Scholars. By default, programs are sorted in each listing with live (synchronous) programs at the top and online and on-demand (asynchronous) programs below. We offer programs in the following formats:

  • In-Person: A program in which participants go to a specific location in order to attend.
  • Webinar: A live program that participants attend remotely from their computer, tablet or mobile device. Participants are able to ask questions and fully interact with the presenter and/or other participants.
  • On-Demand Video: Videos of previously recorded presentations (recorded live or in a recording session).
  • Online Course: Interactive, online educational content.

Live programs can sometimes be a combination of in-person and webinar participation options in order to give the most participants the opportunity to attend. Simply select the option that works best for you during registration.

Once you have selected a program or course, select your credit type and participation option or location and add to cart. You can then checkout to complete your registration or add more programs/courses to your cart. You must complete the checkout process to be registered for a program/course.

To cancel your registration for a live in-person or webinar program, visit the My Registrations page, select the program from your Upcoming Registrations listing and press the Cancel Registration button on the registration details page.

If you paid a registration fee for your in-person or webinar program and cancel via the registration system by the cancellation refund deadline, you are eligible for a full refund (minus any material fee, if applicable) and our staff will be in touch with refund details.

Registrations for live or webinar programs that are cancelled after the cancellation refund deadline and registrations for online and on-demand programs are not eligible for refunds.

If you would like to request a substitution for your registration or believe that you have special circumstances regarding your cancellation and/or refund, please contact us for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

User Troubleshooting

User Profiles, Data and Privacy


User Troubleshooting

Do I still need to checkout if the program I am registering for is free?

Yes, you still need to complete the checkout process even when registering for a free program or course. The checkout process allows us to ensure we have all of the registration information we need from you. No registration is final until the checkout process is finished and you receive a registration confirmation email.

What if I'm having trouble accessing my certificate?

To obtain a credit or completion certificate for a program or course, you must successfully complete all course requirements. This usually includes completing a course evaluation and/or passing a post-test within the specified evaluation cut-off deadline.

If you are enrolled in an interactive online course and have successfully completed, it may take up to 10 minutes for the system to process the completion and your certificate to become available. If you have recently completed an online course, please check back to your My Registrations page after the time allotted and your certificate should become available.

Why does my registration status for a program/course I attended display as "No Show"?

If you do not successfully complete the program/course requirements (e.g., evaluation, post-test) prior to the evaluation cut-off deadline, you will be listed as a "no-show" for the course.

How do I join your webinars?

Once you have registered for a webinar, you will be emailed a registration confirmation that contains the webinar access information. Webinar access details are also available from the registration details pages on your My Registrations page.

Our webinars are hosted via the Cisco WebEx(r) platform. You are able to join from most computers, tablets and mobile devices. For more information about joining WebEx meetings, please visit the Cisco WebEx website.

You will need an internet connection and the ability to connect to audio and view video. This can usually be done from a web browser. If your computer does not have audio capabilities, you can also connect to the webinar audio portion from a phone.

We recommend logging on to the webinar at least 5 minutes in advance of the start time to give you plenty of time to connect before the webinar starts.

How can I be sure that I can connect to the webinar?

If you are unsure about connecting to an upcoming webinar, we highly recommend testing beforehand. You can join a test meeting at to test your connection strength and system hardware.

What if I have trouble getting WebEx to work?

Please contact Cisco WebEx support at 1-877-509-3239.

Who do I contact if I have questions about a program, continuing education credit, etc.?

Please reach out to us via the information available on our Contact Us page and we are happy to assist with any questions you may have.

What is consortium membership?

Consortium membership applies to continuing professional development programs and provides quality programs at a low yearly fee to groups and individuals. Group membership in a consortium is available to agencies, facilities, schools, or divisions/departments of organizations involved in health care and interested in enhancing professional competencies and maintaining licensure within the region of a South Carolina AHEC center. Individual memberships are also available. Lowcountry AHEC, Mid-Carolina AHEC, and Upstate AHEC have consortium memberships available. Please contact your respective center to inquire about membership.

Participants who are not consortium members are still able to register for programs and courses but will not receive the discounted member rate.

User Profiles, Data and Privacy

Why am I being asked to review, complete or update my profile?

We are required to report data on our program utilization by our various funders and credit providers (Health Resources and Services Administration [HRSA], private grant funders, and others). It is essential to our program evaluation that your data is up-to-date.

If you are being prompted to submit additional user information or review and update your profile information, it may be because:

  • You are creating a new user account/profile.
  • You have chosen to update your profile.
  • You were registered for a program by someone else and need to review/complete your profile information.
  • A program in your cart may require additional user data beyond what we currently have on file for you.
  • We remind users annually to review and update their user information.

Why do you collect information about my age, race, etc.?

South Carolina AHEC receives federal grant funds from the Health Resources and Services Administration that support our educational programs. As a function of this grant, the federal government requires us to report demographic information about our audiences in order to make sure that federal dollars are being spent appropriately and that we are not discriminating against any particular group. This data also helps us understand how our programming is helping with overall workforce issues. Data is reported in the aggregate and does not identify individual names.

What do you do with my data?

After completing one of our registration or web forms, we may contact you if appropriate to provide you with the information you requested or complete an event registration process. South Carolina AHEC does not provide information supplied by you to an outside organization except in the following circumstances:

  • Federal Reporting: We share information collected as mandated by our federal funders, including but not limited to the Health Resources Administration and Services (HRSA), to evaluate program effectiveness. In such cases, information is usually reported in aggregate and is not individually identifiable.
  • State Reporting: We may share information with other official entities of the state of South Carolina in the process of reporting AHEC effectiveness and outcomes or to respond to funding-related requests from the State Assembly. In these cases, information is usually reported in aggregate and is not individually identifiable.
  • Other Funders: We may share information with organizations who provide grant and private funding to South Carolina AHEC. Information is only shared with a specific funder as it pertains to evaluating and reporting the outcomes of the specific project.
  • Regional AHEC Centers: Our four regional centers are independent agencies with which we contract. We share information with our regional centers as needed to provide statewide services and programming.
  • Accreditation Agencies: We may share information with accreditation agencies (i.e., continuing education credit providers, academic credit, etc.) in order to carry out the provision of requested credits.
  • Credit Card Processing: While we sometimes ask for credit card numbers, we do not store credit card information online. We route all payments through a third party vendor and do not store any credit card information on our servers. We may store confirmation information related to payments (date and time of payment, method of payment, etc.).
  • Strategic Partners: We may share information with strategic partners on a program/project-specific basis to the extent needed for the partner to carry out program-specific objectives (i.e., provide continuing education credit) or evaluate program effectiveness.

Our full Notice of Privacy Practices is available online.

What are your cancellation, refund and substitution policies?

If you paid a registration fee for your in-person or webinar program and cancelled via the registration system by the cancellation deadline, you are eligible for a full refund (minus any material fee, if applicable) and our staff will be in touch with refund details.

Registrations for live or webinar programs that are cancelled after the cancellation deadline and registrations for online and on-demand programs are not eligible for refunds.

If you would like to request a substitution for your registration or believe that you have special circumstances regarding your cancellation and/or refund, please contact us for assistance.

What is your accessibility policy?

Commitment to Participants with Disabilities

South Carolina AHEC is a division within The Medical University of South Carolina (“MUSC” or the “University”). The University is committed to ensuring that no otherwise qualified individual with a disability is excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination in University programs or activities due to his or her disability. The University is fully committed to complying with all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and its amendments (the “ADA”) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (“Section 504”) and to providing equal educational opportunities to otherwise qualified participants with disabilities. Disability support services are available to otherwise qualified participants with disabilities to ensure equal access to the University’s programs and services. Services may include making academic and/or non-academic accommodations for participants.


SC AHEC provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. If you have a disability that will require special arrangements as a participant in an SC AHEC program, you may request accommodations at least 1 week prior to the program date (unless alternate timeline is otherwise specified in specific program guidelines) by emailing In your message, please indicate the nature of your accessibility issue, the preferred format in which to receive the requested material, the web address of the requested material, and your contact information so that we may best serve you.

What is your copyright policy?

Course materials included on the AHEC Learning Portal—unless otherwise indicated—are protected by United States copyright law [Title 17, U.S. Code]. Materials are presented in an educational context for personal use and study and should not be shared, distributed, or sold in print—or digitally—outside the course without permission.