SC AHEC Notice of Privacy Practices

The South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium (AHEC) is committed to insuring the privacy and safety of our visitors. Our Web site,, contains many forms through which users may register for events or submit user information. In some cases, telephone numbers, return addresses or email addresses are required so that we may set up a user account or collect information mandated by our funding requirements. In certain cases, correct names and addresses may be required in order to process credit card payments to South Carolina AHEC.

After completing one of our registration or web forms, we may contact you if appropriate to provide you with the information you requested or complete an event registration process. South Carolina AHEC does not provide information supplied by you to an outside organization except in the following circumstances:

  • Federal Reporting: We share information collected as mandated by our federal funders, including but not limited to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), to evaluate program effectiveness. In such cases, information is usually reported in aggregate and is not individually identifiable.
  • State Reporting: We may share information with other official entities of the state of South Carolina in the process of reporting AHEC effectiveness and outcomes or to respond to funding-related requests from the State Assembly. In these cases, information is usually reported in aggregate and is not individually identifiable.
  • Other Funders: We may share information with organizations who provide grant and private funding to South Carolina AHEC. Information is only shared with a specific funder as it pertains to evaluating and reporting the outcomes of the specific project.
  • Regional AHEC Centers: Our four regional centers are independent agencies with which we contract. We share information with our regional centers as needed to provide statewide services and programming.
  • Accreditation Agencies: We may share information with accreditation agencies (i.e., continuing education credit providers, academic credit, etc.) in order to carry out the provision of requested credits.
  • Credit Card Processing: While we sometimes ask for credit card numbers, we do not store credit card information online. We route all payments through a third party vendor and do not store any credit card information on our servers. We may store confirmation information related to payments (date and time of payment, method of payment, etc.).
  • Strategic Partners: We may share information with strategic partners on a program/project-specific basis to the extent needed for the partner to carry out program-specific objectives (i.e., provide continuing education credit) or evaluate program effectiveness.

In certain cases information collected may be shared with vendors or suppliers associated with South Carolina AHEC. South Carolina AHEC also routinely performs web site traffic analyses through which we track statistics such as which pages are visited in what order, where users come from, and how long users spend on our site. Such information is used primarily for site improvement and in an attempt to deliver better information to the end user.

If you have any questions about this Notice or any complaints about our privacy practices please call South Carolina AHEC at 843+792-4431, or contact in writing: South Carolina AHEC / 1 South Park Circle/ Suite 203/ Charleston, SC 29407.

See our Disclaimer for additional information concerning the collection of online information.